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Bonnie North



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Green Geometric Shapes

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Our Plan

Building a greener, more caring Ontario. Together.

Climate Action

Ontario Greens have a real plan for climate action. Our plan provides a clear, practical roadmap to crush climate pollution, reduce energy costs, and generate thousands of good, clean jobs.

Solving the Housing Crisis

Ontarians are being priced out of this province. This needs to change. We have a real plan for tackling rent and housing affordability and build more homes in communities that are connected, affordable, and sustainable.

Mental Health Care

Mental health IS health and it’s time to start treating it this way. Ontario Greens’ mental health plan will make care more affordable, accessible and comprehensive for anyone who needs it.

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Green Geometric Shapes


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Green Geometric Shapes

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Empower Grassroots Democracy in Barrie-Innisfil


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