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Can the Green Party win a seat in Barrie-Innisfil?

Yes. In 2018, barely 50% of eligible voters showed up to vote in our riding. If just over a third of the people who stayed home last year showed up and voted Green in 2019, we’d have a Green MP in Barrie-Innisfil.

What if My Circumstances are Special?

If you’re living abroad, you’re travelling or studying away from home, you’re in senior’s care, you’re homeless, you’re in corrections, etc., you can still vote! Please click here to see how.

Isn't Bonnie North the Deputy Leader of the Green Party of Ontario?

She sure is! Bonnie has dedicated herself to serving her community, both amongst provincial and federal Greens, and our community in Barrie-Innisfil She believes in volunteer service and will translate her leadership skills and work ethic as your Green MP for Barrie-Innisfil. 

When is the election? How do I register to vote? Can I vote early? Where?

Love your enthusiasm! Election Day is October 21, 2019, and you’ll have ways to vote early if you really can’t wait. Polls are usually open from 9 am to 8 pm. To learn about your voter status, or to register, click here.

To learn about early voting, mail-in voting, and more, click here. 

Why Should I Vote in 2019?

You get what vote for. Refusing to vote only enables the “politics-as-usual” status quo, and ensures that the parties which are beholden to large corporations will always be the ones controlling our lives. If you care about voting for the party that brings you honesty, integrity and good public policy, then it’s finally time to vote with your conscience and vote Green in 2019!

Isn't the Green Party a "one-issue" party?

No. The Green Party of Canada continues to offer policies on everything from affordable housing, a basic income guarantee, universal pharmacare, improved healthcare, mental healthcare, tuition free education, deficit reduction, and more. We’re also the only national party that has firmly maintained a viable and consistent plan to address the climate crisis. You can check out our vision here:

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