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The Green Party is THE party of Small Business.

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. They create good, stable jobs. They offer competitive wages and benefits, and because they’re small, they’re flexible and nimble in adapting to global markets.

Best of all, their success stays local. They circulate dollars in regional economies and improve the communities around them.

Canada must support entrepreneurs. The health of our economy depends on the strength of our small businesses, however, they are too often hampered by red tape. Furthermore, the limited funding options makes it difficult for them to develop an idea, product or enterprise.

Green MPs will:

  • Establish a federally funded, Green Venture Capital Fund, to support viable, small, local green business start-ups

  • Reduce paperwork burdens on small businesses by eliminating duplicate tax filings and red tape

  • Reduce payroll taxes for small businesses

  • Ensure all new legislation considers the impact on small businesses

Yes! I want to Support Small Business
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