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Too Many Canadians 

Live in Poverty













Poverty in Canada is widespread, and our current social systems aren’t the answer. 


Low-income services and benefits are designed to give low-income families barely enough to get by. Though necessary and important, they’re a band-aid solution to a systemic problem.


Ending systemic poverty means rethinking the system.


Canada is among the richest countries in the world, and we have the talent and resources to create a truly just society.


We can build creative social programs - like Basic Income  - to lift people out of poverty, creating healthy communities and realizing our economic potential in the process.


Even better, it will cost far less than what we now pay to maintain densely bureaucratic social systems, while trying to cover the many other costs poverty imposes on our communities.


We need to modernize our social safety networks, and we must do it now before automation, AI and the Gig Economy decimate traditional labour markets.

Poverty is a problem we can fix! Here’s how:


  • Establish Basic Income so all of us can live in dignity and independence

  • Implement a National Housing Strategy to provide every Canadian a healthy place to call home

  • Create a culturally sensitive Housing First approach to provide immediate support for those experiencing chronic homelessness

  • Increase access to social housing for Indigenous peoples living on and off reserve

  • Invest in the cooperative housing sector, to invigorate new, affordable housing markets and sustain existing co-ops facing liquidation

Yes! I want to Eliminate Poverty!
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