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The Climate Crisis is Here.











The climate crisis is here. According to the 2018 report by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, we now have less than 12 years to hold the global temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Unless we work together to reduce carbon emissions, we face environmental catastrophe.


Climate change is the single most important health and security challenge we’ll ever face. We can hear it in the growing alarms from leading climate scientists; we can see it in our increasingly severe natural disasters, like storm surges on our coasts, melting Arctic ice caps, or wildfires consuming our forests.

We’re prepared to lead global climate action; for our economy, our children, our planet.

Corporations and the political parties controlled by them would like us Canadians to believe that our economy can’t withstand ambitious climate action. Greens know this narrative is stale and misleading. The world’s top economists and scientists have proven that the green economy is, nimble, competitive and rapidly growing.

Ambitious climate action is the way forward. Greens aren’t willing to risk our survival for the obsolete fossil fuel economy. As the only political party in Canada committed to bold, transformational climate action, we will encourage Green innovation and move our energy sector to renewable sources by 2025.

Our only possible future is low-carbon, and here’s how we’ll get there:

  • End all fossil fuel subsidies

  • Implement a bold climate and energy strategy that includes robust plans to build and sustain the Green economy

  • Lead the movement to divest from fossil fuels, starting with our federal government

  • Invest in infrastructure that supports electric transportation

  • Incentivize residential and business building retrofits

  • Prompt entrepreneurs to develop green technologies

  • Facilitate interprovincial transfer of renewable energy

  • Implement a revenue-neutral carbon dividend system

  • Rapidly phase out coal-fired power, and transition to a prosperous, decarbonized economy

  • Develop a plan to reduce global emissions from international aviation and shipping

Yes! I want to Solve The Climate Crisis
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