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Protect and Conserve Fresh Water










Canada is endowed with abundant fresh water resources. We have seven percent of the world’s renewable fresh water, about 25% of the world’s wetlands, and 20% of the world’s safe water supply.


It’s our duty to conserve our fresh water so that future generations inherit clean, safe water supplies. It’s time for a new water legacy based on smart stewardship and balanced preservation.



Access to fresh water is already a major, growing challenge. Many countries face worsening water shortages, contamination and droughts. Greens believe it’s Canada’s job to preserve and protect our precious water from pollution, contamination and wasteful consumption.


Greens envision Canada as the world’s water custodians. 


Green MPs will work to:


  • Support the current Federal Water Policy that opposes large, bulk exports of our water

  • Protect Canadians’ fundamental rights to clean, fresh water

  • Amend our Charter of Rights and Freedoms to guarantee drinkable water

  • Ensure secure, clean, safe water supplies for Indigenous communities who have been suffering near-permanent boil-water advisories or mercury poisonings

  • Conduct an inventory of all polluted groundwater and water systems, and develop and implement strategies for cleaning them

  • Enhance capacity for federal agencies and departments to restore the health of aquatic ecosystems

Yes! I want to Protect and Conserve Fresh Water!
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