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Renew Relationships with

Indigenous Peoples


The work of decolonization is far from over. Generations of violence — broken treaties, residential schools, assimilationist policies, food and water insecurity, and cultural shaming and erasure — have created gross inequalities in Indigenous communities.


Poverty, starvation and serious physical and mental health concerns disproportionately plague First Nations, Metis and Inuit communities.

The Work of Reconciliation 

is Far from Over


Meanwhile, the pace of treaty negotiations remain shamefully slow, there’s been no resolution on thousands of missing and murdered Indigenous women, and the government continues to neglect the nearly 100 Indigenous communities that lack access to safe drinking water.

Enough is enough.


We have much work to do to live up to our Canadian values of true equality and democracy. We must fulfill our treaty promises, repeal perverse assimilation laws like the Indian Act, and support Indigenous education and health care.


Crucially, in order to right Canada’s historical wrongs, we must stop committing them


It’s time for real reconciliation. It’s time for new relationships with Indigenous peoples. We need to respect Indigenous sovereignty and invest in First Nations, Metis and Inuit health care and education, both on and off reserve.

Green MPs will:


  • Implement a National Housing Strategy, developed in partnership with Indigenous peoples

  • Ensure access to clean water, and equal access to education and health care for Indigenous peoples. We can achieve this through a Council of Canadian Governments, which incorporates collaboration from all levels of government

  • Work in tandem with Indigenous peoples to abolish the Indian Act and ensure nations are self-governing and will have the supports and capacity in place to succeed

  • Address the disproportionate number of Indigenous people in the criminal justice system

  • Implement the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), and work with Indigenous nations to build a framework for consultation in accordance with UNDRIP principles

  • Establish an ambitious, results-oriented, treaty-making process that respects Indigenous rights and titles, rather seeking to extinguish them

Yes! I want to Renew Relationships with Indigenous People!
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