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Expand Health Care












Canadians are proud of our health care system!


Our emergency rooms and doctor’s offices are generally accessible and dependable, and services are offered on the basis of need, not means.


Sadly, we still have a lot of work to do! 


Truly universal health care doesn’t just start and end in a hospital or clinic. It integrates physical, mental and social well-being.


The opioid epidemic, technology-based models of care, and the widening service gap in mental health services are signals that we’ve outgrown the medical systems that served us 40 years ago. Ignoring this reality further separates us from the medical services we need.


We need to expand our public services!


Canada is the only industrialized country with universal health care that also doesn’t have publicly funded prescription drug coverage, known as Pharmacare, and Canadians pay the second highest rate, among developed countries, for pharmaceuticals.

Privatized prescription drug coverage, dental benefits and addiction and mental health programs have created a two-tier health system where wealth is the golden key to a full range of care.


Pharmacare Today!

Expand Public Medical Services!

Green MPs will:


  • Provide public Pharmacare by establishing a Crown corporation to bulk-purchase and dispense prescription drugs

  • Provide basic, public Dental Care

  • Fund non-institutionalized, community-based support for substance abuse prevention and treatment programs

  • Create a National Drug Reduction Strategy and develop more safe consumption sites

  • Expand mental health care treatment access

  • Decriminalize substance addiction and treat it as a health issue, not as a felony

  • Create a National Healthy Lifestyle Plan, which incentivizes active lifestyles and healthy diets

  • Regulate prescription drug distribution, to track and prevent over-medication and opioid addiction

Yes! I want to Expand Healthcare!
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